HEAR US is the extraordinary true story of three young and gifted musicians as they pursue an impossible goal: to become world famous classical soloists. We follow the life of 15-year-old Clarissa, a violin prodigy, 19-year-old Daniel, a cellist of world-class pedigree, and 27-year-old Rada, a gifted pianist forced to flee her war-torn country of Syria. Against all odds, these three bright talents will come together and form a trio, performing in groundbreaking performances all over the world. Despite their solo ambitions, they will soon learn that playing together may open up more opportunity - and bring more drama - than they ever bargained for.

This true story of passion and dedication, sacrifice and perseverance, is as timely as it is beautiful. These young musicians bravely navigate a world divided by political ideologies and the tensions of clashing civilizations. It offers a rare glimpse into the high-stakes and pressure-filled world of classical music performance, while also shining a light on the double-edged sword that comes with the label “child prodigy.” Overcoming incredible obstacles, and with the help of a renowned conductor Steven Jarvi, our young heroes bridge cultural divides and offer an incredible demonstration of the beauty and potential of the human spirit. What they give of themselves through their music reminds viewers that what connects us is far greater than anything that can divide us. Their music is the ever-present backdrop and untiring engine of their lives. The notes carry us on the ups and downs of this dramatic, real-life series, appealing to audiences of all ages from all corners of the globe.